Technology… grr!

I just spend 30 minutes typing up a blog update– just to have it disappear when I hit “publish.” Grr! I’ll try again later….






Technically, I already have a blog (two in fact). But, after completing NaNoWriMo 2011 (and winning!) I found a forum where tons of other writers had shared their own blogs. As I worked my way down the list, visiting and subscribing to the blogs, many of them were on Word Press. Time after time the web page asked me to create my own account (read: blog), so I figured, “why not?”

So a little about myself. By day I have a boring, repetitive, less-than-satisfactory job. My ultimate dream is to eventually make enough money from my writing and small crafts (look for me on Etsy– “Reprieve26”) to quit my day job. I love creating stuff– whether it’s using words to build a story or fabric and string to  sew something or even pencils and/or paint. There’s something so  satisfying about creating something with my own two hands and my imagination…

In my free time, I’ve done some online writing under the pen name “Reprieve26.” These days you can usually find me on HubPages.

Oh! And the other two writing blogs that I mentioned: — This is my formal writing blog. I use it to advertise my published work, book signing events, author fairs, etc. — This is my informal writing/crafting/creating blog. Ideally, I’d like for it to become a place for creative types to hang out, make friends, and exchange ideas. It’s still fairly new though so I don’t have many subscribers… yet!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit my new blog!

~~ “Reprieve26” (formally know as “H. S. Contino)

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